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Top 5 Reasons to Own a Kneeling Chair

black posture chairA kneeling chair is a type of chair where part of the body is supported by shins since the thighs are dropped in a certain angle from vertical. These type of chairs are widely used nowadays by those sitting for long hours. They are comfortable since they help the body sit in the correct posture thus improving blood circulation in the body. This helps improve productivity and performance at the place of work.  You can learn more about the benefits of ergonomics, at this UCLA Ergonomics webpage.

Below are Top 5 Reasons to Own a Kneeling Chair

  1. Helps eliminate back pain and strain.This will help reduce lower back from stretching and pain since some weight will be supported by the knees and the buttocks.
  2. They are comfortable.These chairs are very comfortable since they help keep the spine straight in position by lowering the lower body angle.They are also comfortable for pregnant women by offering body support due to weight increase which can cause back pain.
  3. Helps internal organs perform better. This will help good digestion and circulation since it helps place your body in an open posture and therefore opening up the space between internal organs and muscles so they are not strained.
  4. Improves performance. Once the body is in the right position then it’s easier to be productive in your work because when the body is strained then poor productivity and performance is common.
  5. Helps build stronger muscles. When sitting in this chair, your body uses the muscles in the lower back and front thus making your muscles stronger. They help keep muscles and joints active while sitting and improves posture and you don’t want to spend all of your hard earned money treating your back and joints.

Kneeling chairs are suitable for everyone and are very useful and enjoyable to sit on. Your weight will be well distributed and a good quality chair will serve you just fine. See reviews at www.kneelingofficechairs.com.

Curling Wand Styling Tips

curling wand

The curling wand is often confused with the curling iron, this occurs in discussion only. The physical difference is easy to spot.

The distinctions between the 2 products are the curling iron is a barrel shaped object which requires the user to pull at the hair for the straightening process. High temperatures are used to assist in the curling process.

On the other hand the wand uses less heat and does not require the pulling on the hair for the straightening or curling process. The wand uses negative ions which assists in prevention of the development of frizz. The wand resists breakage and pulling due to the ceramic tourmaline infused barrels. The wand uses less heat yet takes less time to do your hair.

There are tips for use of the curling wand

  • Plug in the iron and let heat to desired temperature. There are models that do come with thermostats.
  • Remove all tangles from the hair by brushing hair out.
  • Using a clip, tie up top half of hair.
  • Using the protective heat glove that comes with the product. Take your hair by 1 inch sections, wrap the hair around the barrel.
  • Repeat until the entire head is done.

The wand can also be used on women with curly hair who wish to straighten it, or for women who want to add volume to already curly hair.

There are also recommendations by experts for getting the best results out of your wand.

  • Use a good shampoo and conditioner. Be sure it is for your hair type.
  • For curly hair deep condition your hair first if you will be straightening it.
  • Use heat protection serums that are available for the protection of your hair from the heat of the barrels.
  • Use the lowest possible temperature for straightening your hair.

Curling irons requires placing your hair in a clamp, creating breakage and damage. The heat from the iron also causes damage to the hair shaft.

This technology is safer due to the ceramic barrel, it also ensures less damage to the hair shaft. The curling wand will give the desired curls or straightening in a matter of minutes

A Yoga Ball Chair Provides an Alternative to the Norm

Black ball chairAs modern day society continues to utilize the standard office chair, people are finding themselves spending more and more time in the office and their lifestyles becoming more sedentary. What if there was a way to sit at the office while improving your posture and strengthening your core muscles? This is where the yoga ball chair comes in. Yes, we are talking about the same yoga ball that is used in yoga classes. Many workers are now checking out these excellent pieces of furniture as an alternative to the standard office chair.

Innovative companies have now devised a way to integrate the yoga ball into the office (read more). The yoga ball chair is quickly filling the office cubicles and office employees have reported better posture and strengthened core muscles. The Yoga Ball Chair takes the standard yoga ball and puts it in the base of the office chair. This is ideal as it makes the height of the chair standard where the employee can still use their mouse and keyboard at a comfortable level. Employees have also reported higher levels of mood due to the fact that they can bounce on the yoga ball chair. Bouncing can also stimulate thinking, and thus, possibly even improving performance in the office.

Some have reported an adjustment period to sitting in the yoga ball chair. Because modern day society doesn’t sit properly on a regular basis, sitting in the yoga ball chair forces your back to be straight, which can be a surprise and a physical adjustment to many. If you choose to start using the yoga ball chair, be ready for that. Even if there is some skepticism as to whether the yoga ball chair provides relief from back pain, the chair trains your body to sit properly and strengthens the muscles needed for good posture. The yoga ball chair doesn’t provide an option to lean backwards, so be ready to sit up straight during your workday.

It cannot be denied that there is a growing sedentary lifestyle that is overtaking society, and the yoga ball chair is a response to this growing concern. You can do small exercises without leaving your desk, elevate your mood with some bouncing, and work your way towards to improved health right in your office.  Some great deals for yoga ball chairs can be found at http://www.YogaBallChairs.com/.

Gratitude Journal App Review

app iconFor our first review on Quixtar, we’re excited to talk to you about a unique app designed to bring happiness to its users.  Gratitude Journey, available on the Apple App Store, is a app version of a gratitude journal.  It’s purpose is to encourage you to stay happy by focusing on positive thoughts.  Gratitude diaries have been shown by researchers to improve the moods of its users.  In numerous studies, we’ve seen that subjects have reported increased happiness, better sleep, more drive to succeed, and less complaints about life.  With this app, each day, you’re reminded, through custom alarms to write in your journal and write a brief blurb about what you’re grateful in that moment.

Video about the importance of gratitude journals can be found here on YouTube.  Be sure to check this out because you’ll learn a lot more about why journaling about your gratitude can really increase your happiness.

Benefits of Using this App

As opposed to keeping a pen and paper journal, the app version of a gratitude journal offers various benefits.

  1. Reminders: The app will notify you each day to make a new entry.  It will also let you know if you’ve gone too many days without writing.
  2. Pick Me Ups: Gratitude Journey reaches back into its database and sends you something randomly at a selected time.  You can have the app, for example, remind you about your favorite memories in the middle of a hectic work day.
  3. Tracking: The app tracks your entries over time
  4. Categories: You’ll be able to see which categories of you life provide you the most happiness.  E.g.: people, places, food, etc.

Cost: $0.99

This app is offered at a very affordable cost.  To add, 100% of the profits of this app are funneled to non-profit organizations.  The company that produces this app, Prana to the People, seems highly dedicated to its cause of spreading happiness.  For this, we are grateful.